Q&A – Contact

If your question is not answered, or you would just like to send an email to us, feel free to email [email protected].


Q: Why are there ads on the videos?

A: Most video hosts now have ads that play, and since we don’t host any of our video files it is out of our hands. Maybe try an ad blocker such as uBlock.

Q: A video was deleted / I can’t find this video on the site.

A: Send an email to the one listed above, and we’ll try and fix it/upload it as soon as possible!

Q: I’d like to support you, but I don’t have Paypal. Is there any other way?

A: Spread the word! Having more people know this website exists helps out just as much!

Q: I want to watch a(n) episode/series but there are no subtitles available for it. Can you help?

A: Not currently, but this is something we’d like to do in the future.

Q: The subtitle quality isn’t amazing. Can you do anything about it?

A: We are currently working on this! Our first goal is to post as many videos as possible, but we’re also working on improving sub quality. We’ll slowly start rolling them out as soon as they’re finished.

Q: The video quality is poor. Can you do anything about it?

A: We try to post the best videos we can find, but sometimes they’re not readily available. If you have better quality video files please email us with the email address above.

Q: I have videos and/or subtitles I’d like to contribute to this site. Who do I send it to?

A: Send them to the email address above! The more stuff we get the better.